We refuse to address words with the right terms because we want to be seen as caring or generous people. Truth is that, we are all selfish. We keep the dear things to ourselves and the (irrelevant) surplus we give away—generously.

Look at a child, a baby less than a year. This small creature while suckling the breast, stenches out one hand and tightly grips on to the other breast. Should you show a sign of interruption, you’ll dance to the tunes.

Selfism is something just inborn. We should not deny that it comes with the oxygen we breath. We never take for granted all things said either or against us.

The reason we love family members or friends or (particularly) our spouses is because they whispered in OUR ears, “I love you.”

When we pick out beautiful pens or pencils at the store, what do we write first? Don’t we write our names? This is the same reason why we get personalized number plate and street names closing in at our gates.

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