Tell the Karamoja story right


Simon Peter Longoli, Moroto

It is actually multifaceted. Tell the right Karamoja story, and tell it right.
Uganda’s storytelling about post conflict Karamoja remains negative, steeped in stereotype and biased. Every day, Ugandan media treats audiences and readers to the same single story. When it tells a positive story, there is usually a non-Karimojong hero to it, for example the Ministers of Karamoja affairs. People, like children are impressionable in the face of a single story.
It does not occur to the rest of Uganda that anything good can come from Karamoja. It is always a story of a primitive people helpless in the face of climate change unknowledgeable of any way to survive.
In this single story, there is no possibility of Karimojong being better than anything but self pity.
They think Karamoja is a place of beautiful landscapes and incomprehensible people who have fought senseless wars amongst themselves…

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