Lantern Meet of Poets

This what the Lantern Meet has come to be; Purpose


100_7741 I arrived at Bukoto  at about 2:45pm , fifteen minutes early for our meet up with the poets. After initial  introductions , i got into a heated debate with one of the poets about the reasons ‘women should not eat chicken’. One of the old traditional beliefs in Uganda. I will save my opinion for another day. This was the beginning of some of the heated discussion we had. I must admit poets are a passionate lot. Lets just say for this meet-up, the Poets gave me a run for my money.

100_7745     100_7742

We started off our session  with an introduction to Wikipedia and then created accounts and user pages.Through this interaction , people got a better understanding of Wikipedia . Most of the  group admitted that the edit source feature in Wikipedia looked more intimidating than the edit beta feature.  I know understanding  all the features on Wikipedia will…

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