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We need to own up and man up

The Lantern Meet of Poets

In an attempt to mend such piteous thoughts as expressed over our senseless humor in this sad portrayal of societal hypocrisy, Lantern Meet member Agaba Archibald reflects on the double standards diligently portrayed in the ‘Desire Nude Pictures’ saga.“This is the time to rally around Luzinda Desire and show her that she belongs to a family and a society that cares.” he writes.


I have been trying to ignore this Luzinda Desire hoopla hoping that it would be yet another one of the series of Kampala’s many storms in a tea cup, but after seeing the headline of the local tabloid “Hello,” with an inset of Luzinda Desire’s little girl and the caption that reads “What is wrong with mummy?” plastered in bold print across its front page, I realize that this event has become a cultural watershed for our society. Consider this: a young woman meets a young…

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Take Heart Desire

My take on the Desire nudies or , as it has come to be famously dubbed,‪#‎DesireChallenge‬.

Desire is human, there is a step we all(as human beings) have taken once or twice not in the right direction. You know those dark moments of your life, those pages that you wish could go blank but your memory won’t.

As an adult, in her house, with her lover, I find no blemish for the deed. The two were in love, all other factors constant. For all the photos I’ve seen, none was taken on Kampala Road, or Uchumi Supermarket or any given Kivulu. It were in the safe custody of her house. I choose to believe under lock and key.

The party who took stupidity to grater and higher ranking levels,whose brains could not lend him a sense of maturity to respect the moment, value and circumstance under which the photos were taken, was the said Nigerian.

Many relationships have broken up and many still shall but you always are guided by the moral integral authority that sits somewhere in your brains to be at watch of what the eye and ear of society have in store for you.

Desire, stands to be the most vulnerable at the time and at this point of her life she needs love and respect than ever before, as someone’s mother, daughter, sibling, friend and citizen.

I hope when all this ‪#‎nudies‬ madness finally settles, we all shall find a grain of sense to understand the trauma Desire is going through. If you feel obliged; forgive her but most importantly pray for her child who at school may be going through humiliation.

Much can be said, but let room be created for Desire Luzinda to clean the mess that is passing through her life.

That is my view.