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We Used To Talk About AIDS

“If you’ve unprotected sex with someone you don’t know, you may get AIDS,” said the lady from TASO. I was in S1 at Kitende SS in 2006 when we got visitors from the TASO camp. If my memory serves me right, the women, most of them widowed wore white tops and red skirts.

It was an afternoon session when these people came. They came in form of a choir made of both men and women but all of them were positive.

They sang songs describing their life situation. A few of them shared their life stories of how they caught the virus and how it took away their loved ones.

Unlike other visitors at school who always had trouble attracting the students’ attention, these got it and in full. I remember the main hall being quiet and some students and teachers silently wiping stray drops of tears.

Later at night after prep time, we reflected about the afternoon session. And the question Barnabas asked that stuck with me to date; How do you tell someone has HIV/AIDS by looking at them?

To date, I have never found that answer.

I had a conversation with a group of people at the Readers Table and the same question was raised.

We live at a time when the age of children born with HIV/AIDS are out of school and already in the working sector.

We live at time when ARVs are in place and when one takes them for a long time, allegedly, the virus disappears from the blood but remains within the cells.

We live at time where some girls at university would rather get AIDS than get pregnant. Is it because they do not have an experience of what it means to take drugs daily for the rest of their life? Or is it because they have never witnessed a loved one die in excruciating pain of the same?

We also live at a time of information age where not every one is necessarily informed. It’s a time when beauty is worth a judgement of someone’s status.

It also happens to be the same time when to sleep not with your partner is no longer news as is the case with being not sleeping at all.

And this has cost us and it is eating us silently buy deeply.

The gospel of ABC which the visitors from TASO preached is preached no more.
Instead people are promised of secondary abstinence, wherever it came from only God can tell.

Once upon a time the first couple of this country took it upon themselves to openly talk about the disease but after getting many awards, they got tired.

To talk about HIV/AIDS is now a thing of the NGOs and some concerned churches. And yet unto us whom the disease affects, we still live large.

We need to own up the situation; identify the sick, treat them but most importantly control the spread of the disease. It begins with me. It begins with you. It begins with us.

We can talk about ending HIV/AIDS again.



To all my unblogged blogs

This too is hard.
I thought it would come off easier but not. And I hope this is not the last day of the #UgBlogWeek, because this will just be too much for me.

On a sobber note, I have the passion for blogging that is why I have all those many blogs (never mind that some I only stopped at opening them) but I love the business.
I love the fact that blogging pays some of my bills, the very reason I should be blogging even more.

And given that blogging needs me to organize a few words in the order of what I am talking about is the very reason I should be doing it more often but still I fail.

So tonight I toast to all those unfinished or unpublished blogs locked somewhere as drafts. I still think of you.


Just as this

To all the dear photos that I promised to use in the blog but I didn’t, take heart, may be another time will be another chance.

To the walls, groups and pages that expected me to share a link, don’t ask me for what you didn’t see at least you have this one.

I know I’m not alone in this but if you can, please leave our group. Become a productive blogger. Uganda needs more active Bloggers and you qualify. Don’t wait for blogging awards but let them find you a serial blogger if they ever come.

To all of you the relentless bloggers of this land, thank you for keeping the air of the blogosphere in motion.

I know I will write this blog when I write it down.

Till then, a toast to my unblogged blogs.


an un independent thought

at times we lie when we smile.
our hearts close many times before they open,
when beyond self you need someone to stand in the gap and fill the space of emptiness.


Lora's album

it gets pretty hard when the people you thought would come to help only briefly pass by yet you would like them to stay.

maybe this is the time to love a little more, and hug a little tighter, and spend some little more time in conversation before rushing away.

Maybe all those coffee promises should come to life and have a breath of life.

that beyond self pity, life should have a meaning and a definition.

and that the void in my heart will cease to exist.
maybe this is the time to dial that number and make that call just to say hello.

could this be the time to write that message that has been awaiting your texting.

do you really need to first get time and go to the studio to take that photo?
what if you took that selfie with all its deformities but when at least you have something..!

living in the future is something of the past. for all those those little things you can do today, do them now.

In memory of darling love, Lora Atwongyeire


23rd June 1993- 8th October 2015