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SEXUAL HARRASSMENT; A Gentleman’s perspective.

It’s better you know the truth both in and out… Not one way direction


Over the years, women have evolved from having to wait for the right men to court them to courting the men they hand pick which has worked out just fine for many and failing terribly for some. I won’t delve into the right or wrong of this particular activity but what could go wrong when a high profile working class lady takes on this approach at her place of work? Two things could happen; One, she could establish a permanent relationship with Mr Right and they’d live happily ever after or two, Mr Right could turn her down by reason of being engaged with someone else or out of having fear of reputation jeopardy and the desire to maintain nothing but a professional relationship at work, the list is endless. So out of being turned down and after receiving a curve sharper than the one AnGeLiTaHpsycho received from UGForrestGUMP or…

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