Comfortable, my behind

Sure. Many times we keep quiet on things that we only afford to gossip about when all the damage has been done.

Hater with Humour

Published in the Daily Monitor:

I’d like to start off by saying this only happened to me once, and that does not mean ‘Comfort’ brandedbuses are to be distrusted. But ain’t no way I’m ever getting on one again.

I was travelling to the North and a friend said they’re the BEST buses to take. Humph. Ruhange wange, what was to happen to me.

You know how you can tell a driver is a buffoon who does not care about the souls he’s carrying on board? This driver was such a buffoon. I begun to suspect this buffoonery when he told me to ‘move over’ to make way for an extra passenger or two.

“On a long distance journey?”, I gaped at him. “You want to squeeze people on a long distance journey?”

Nawe, take away your kajanja!”, the other passengers protested. “We want to…

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